Assessment Bundle - Folders (Spring edition)

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Assessment Bundle - Folders:
The comprehensive preparation with complete package!

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However, you can always pick up bundle elements that are already available separately from the Copy Blitz print shop.

This bundle ensures you an efficient and time-saving preparation for your assessment semester this spring:
Included are Business Administration 2 - Examination folder, Mathematics 2 - Examination folder and Macroeconomics 1 - Folder.

All exercises, scripts and detailed solutions are constantly updated, tailored to the current semester and improved by our editors.

Bundle content:

1x Business Administration 2 - Examination folder
1x Mathematics 2 - Folder 
1x Macroeconomics 1 - Folder

Version: FS 2024
Availability: 25.03.2024
Pickup location: at Copy Blitz (Map)

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